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Life on the Farm!

Bogie and Bacall

by Rana Pawlowski on 03/20/16

These two sweethearts were dumped on the north side of Tullahoma. It became obvious why. The little black lab has a tumor larger than a softball on her side. Her companion is watching out for her as best he can. They were wary at first, but soon came to realize that David and Linda had nothing but good intentions. They have been fed and have a nice soft place to rest. We are trying to get them used to us. We don't think they have ever been on a leash before. I hope I am wrong but I think the female is pregnant. I can not imagine how they feel being dumped and trying to get by on their own. They now have the beginnings of their own team, that are going to help them the best we know how. We will be calling Dr. Abi at Blue Springs Veterinary Services in the morning and try to determine what is going on with the little girl and the best way to proceed. 
We try not to over do it on the begging side but to help these two I would ask if anyone reading this can afford to and can find it in their heart, please join us to help make the world a little softer place for these sweet souls. 
We do not know the extent of medical care that will be necessary, but will keep everyone informed. 
Welcome Bogie and Bacall, the newest Stars to Fall on the Farm!?

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