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Life on the Farm!

Early morning rant!

by Rana Pawlowski on 02/03/15

Warning: Rantings of a crazy person, down on the Farm.
We saw you two nights ago. That slow moving vehicle that kept turning around and driving by slowly. It was almost dark, the gates were closed and you kept creeping by. Then two animals magically appear running down the road trying to catch up to the vehicle that just dumped them. We are a long way from the road so we could just make out a smaller and larger dog running after the vehicle.
We hoped it was just a neighbor, lots of them let their dogs run freely, this is in the country ya know. Wonder where they spent the night? We didn't see them yesterday, we hoped they went back to their home. We were busy, working and taking care of our little pack. At about dark a nice family pulled up and asked if we had lost some of our dogs. They had just moved into our area and had almost hit a small and larger dog that was in the middle of the road. They have dogs of their own and were concerned. They tried to catch them. The dogs have on collars but no rabies tags or identification. The larger was very protective of the smaller dog. They smelled like a skunk and had been eating a deer carcass. We explained who we were and we are over full right now and how it was not unusual for dogs to get dumped out here. They understood and soon left. It is always good to meet like minded people. 
We continued working but could not get those dogs out of our minds. We went out looking for them. It was going to be in the teens tonight. We could not find them. We thought they were probably hunkered down for the night.
We got up earlier than usual this morning, to look for your dogs. Guess what? We found them....maybe this is all a mistake, maybe you are looking for your dogs. Maybe you were worried sick that they were scared and cold, with nothing to eat and no shelter from the elements. I hope I am wrong. If you are looking for two lost dogs, or maybe someone stole them from you and you are looking for them as hard as we did, please call the Farm to identify and reclaim these precious souls. If not they will be altered, fully vetted and a proper home found for them soon or they will stay with us. Either way we are good with it...are you?

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1. Brett said on 3/18/16 - 03:25PM
I am grateful there are people like you looking out for dogs like those two.

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