Happy Thanksgiving and Join our PacK! : Life on the Farm
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Life on the Farm!

Happy Thanksgiving and Join our PacK!

by Rana Pawlowski on 11/27/14

Happy Thanksgiving to All our Family and Friends.

As the end of the year draws to a close, we have accessed what we are doing and what we have done. Last year, the Saturday before Christmas we received our 501 c 3 status from the IRS. ...That is an extremely important step for any rescue that wants to grow and be considered legitimate. We have grown slowly but surely since we first started. We feel we are on the right track. We have a very small but dedicated group that supports us emotionally and financially. We are thankful for every donation whether it be money, supplies or time.

There is a piece of property that keeps coming up on our radar. Over 5 years ago was the first time, then it went up for sale and it was so far out of our reach we did not even consider it. It is coming across our path again and we are trying to figure a way to make this dream become a reality. Baby steps are being taken to move us towards this dream. The day to day operations of the Farm are handled by one man. Even though he is a spectacular man, as anyone who knows him can attest to, he is 66 years old and a regular patient at the Heart Transplant Failure Clinic at Saint Thomas Hospital. Every day with him is a true Blessing by God, not only for me but Every animal on the Farm. In the winter we try and not take anymore animals in because we feel if we cannot properly care for them we would be neglectful, and that in itself is a crime. We still get calls every day from people begging, demanding and cursing us out because we can't take their animal.
It is time to surround ourselves with More like minded people. We dedicate our lives and all our worldly processions to this cause. We need help to make a larger dream become a reality. When I say help we mean people that know how to market, sell, raise funds, scoop poop, mend fences, rake and Love animals!
In the coming days and weeks we will be announcing more programs and projects we are working on. We are looking to expand our pack. Our lives are an open book, we are easy to find and we have many people show up on a regular basis without calling or asking if it would be a good time. They have always been welcomed, we have nothing to hide but please understand how limited our time is and if we have a dazed or exhausted look on our face, it is because we probably are.
So please consider joining our cause. If nothing else, read, share, pray and if you know any business owners looking for a tax write off, tell them about us. Thank you all for all you do this and every day for the animals, Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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