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Let's take a Walk!

by Rana Pawlowski on 07/22/13

We are going to try an organize a Walk. Anyone who wants to meet with us and walk their dog can join us. We thought we would start small and easy and maybe get more adventurous as time goes by. We would like to have anyone join us with their dog even if they aren't the best walking dog, yet. We will have the first walk at the Estill Springs Greenway, Sunday, July 28, 2013 at 0900 hours or 9 in the morning.
We have to have a few rules so everyone can enjoy their selves:
1. You are responsible for your own dog.
2. Please bring "poop" bags for your dog.
3. Please obey all laws pertaining to animals in public.
4. Please have your dog on a fixed leash. No Flexi's please. Flexi leashes are great for some things but you need to have better control of your dog in a group of people and dogs.
5. Please don't allow you dog to run loose. Just because your dog may be friendly does not mean every dog is. We would like all dogs to be able to come and have fun.
We would like All dogs to be able to walk with us, however we respect that some dogs do not like other dogs or people. They still should be able to walk. So we would like to have a system in place so every one can come walk their dogs feeling safe and not pressured. 
If you have a dog that does not like other dogs or people please put some sort of red ribbon, collar or leash where others can see and give you plenty of space. We will wave from a polite distance.
If you have a dog that does not like other dogs, please have a yellow ribbon, collar or leash. We will wave from a little closer but keep our dogs away so your dog can be comfortable.
If you have a dog that likes other dogs and people, please have a green ribbon, collar or leash. 
Hopefully the Stoplight system is easy to remember. Please don't go buy a specific collar or ribbon. We will have Red, Yellow and Green duct tape on hand to tape to your leash if you like.
The greenway in Estill Springs is a nice easy walk. You can make several loops or cut in half. It is next to the water and a little creek so you dog can cool off.
If interested, introduce yourself and your dog here and we hope to see you in Estill Springs Sunday Morning!

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