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Life on the Farm!

Life on the Farm

The Road to Recovery from Fire Ants

by Rana Pawlowski on 06/11/12

Fire Ants can be quite nasty, but Zena is doing fine.

Getting much better.

She does resist being a Princess though!

All better now!

Fire Ants

by Rana Pawlowski on 06/02/12

Fire Ants hurt!

2012, How did you get here so fast?

by Rana Pawlowski on 04/18/12

Well, we've been in operation over a year now.  We've met lots of new friends and helped several good dogs.  We have learned many things and still have loads to learn.  Thank you to all our friends for your love and support.  Hopefully we will help more dogs this year.  I am also going to try to keep up the blog and website better!  Talk to you soon!

Busy Summer, New Construction

by Rana Pawlowski on 04/18/12

We have had a busy summer.  We added a tin roof to our outdoor kennels.  Poured concrete for a new kennel.  In preparation for winter we have spread about 11 tons of gravel and started closing in the barn!


by Rana Pawlowski on 04/10/12

You know it's Springtime when the baby chicks arrive.

Meet Donny and Marie, our newest babies!

by Rana Pawlowski on 08/11/11

6 to 10 weeks old, adorable, possible mountain cur? Any ideas?

Thing One and Thing Two!

by Rana Pawlowski on 08/03/11

These girls clean up pretty good!

Welcome to our new Friends!

by Rana Pawlowski on 07/28/11

The first of many, hopefully.......

by Rana Pawlowski on 07/28/11


by Rana Pawlowski on 07/18/11

We had been seeing a little cat on the way home from work that looked like someone dumped.  A few days later we thought we had a skunk under the shed.  All the dogs were going mad.  What kind of crazy cat would come here!  Well Hancock of course.  Anyone looking for a brave little cat, give us a call!  I guess we will have him fixed and put him up for adoption.

Bon Voyage Ayana!

by Rana Pawlowski on 07/14/11

  Ayana has secured a new position in Dubai as a marine mammal trainer.  Even though we will miss her terribly, we know she has dreamed of this career since she was a little girl.  We wish for her much happiness.  Bon Voyage, Ayana! Shelter challenge started on the 4th of July. Please vote for us everyday!

by Rana Pawlowski on 07/10/11
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by Rana Pawlowski on 06/30/11

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We got some Great Volunteers!

by Rana Pawlowski on 06/06/11

We would like to say a big Thank You to Debbie, Sandra, and Katie! They braved the heat to play with the puppies. You guys really made a difference in these babies lives. The Pack Thanks You!


by Rana Pawlowski on 05/31/11

We are working on some major projects this week.  We have to replace a big section of floor in the kennel.   A large section of fence in the yard was knocked down by two big trees.  Bring on some more record breaking heat!  Woo Hoo!

Looking for a few good volunteers!

by Rana Pawlowski on 05/09/11

We are starting a volunteer program where I ask any potential volunteer to look at the website under adopt-ables and see if they would be interested in spending time with any dog.  If so you could take the dog out on a leash and walk or just sit and spend some time with the dog.  Maybe brushing or just petting and getting them comfortable being with people. It also gives them a break from other dogs and they get to be the center of attention. From that point on we could start a little obedience or teaching them to go into a crate or just be handled.  All positive interaction for the dogs and hopefully for the volunteers.  All treats and props provided by the Farm.
  I think it makes a big difference if someone comes to look at a dog as a potential new family member and the dog is comfortable and confident with them. 
Again thank you for your support.

Hospital Wing

by Rana Pawlowski on 04/19/11

We took two dogs to be spayed and nuetered today.  The Middle Tn Spay and Nueter Clinic is a great place.  You can get a big dog spayed for $45.00.  They are funded by a grant and have a lot of great folks there.

Mac our new boxer had some complications and they had to do additional surgery but he is recovering well.  I think he is going to milk it though!

Busy week!

by Rana Pawlowski on 04/16/11

We have had a busy week at the Farm.  Our Lilly found a new home.  We thought she would stay with us and enjoy her retirement but it was not to be.  A  nice Family came to look  for a new puppy and just wanted to see everyone. I introduced them to Lilly and they adored her.  It was love at first sight.  I tried to steer them towards a younger dog and told them about some great puppies at the Tullahoma Animal Shelter and they said they were going to look around.  A few days later they called back and told us they were really interested in Lilly and wanted to bring the rest of the Family to see her.  They came back with Grand Ma and she gave her blessing after spending time with Lilly.  We wish them Happiness and hope that Lilly will look after them as much as they look after her.  They are very special people.

We also have a new friend.  He is a young male boxer and he is gorgeous.  Stay tuned for pictures of Mac the Wonder Dog!

Visiting Friends Zoe and Mattie

by Rana Pawlowski on 04/16/11

These are our new friends, Mattie and Zoe.  They are on Spring Break!  They have turned brown thanks to a lot of mud puddles but never fear Mom, they will be clean when you get home.

Chickens gone Wild

by Rana Pawlowski on 04/16/11

Well the girls are now on their own.  No more heat lamps, out of the nursery and into their own place.  We hope they are happy, healthy and getting ready to lay some good eggs.