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We are so sad to tell everyone, our Nani passed away yesterday in her sleep. She was napping on her lounge chair. It was sudden and a bit of a shock. Nani was larger than life. Rest in peace Little Swine, you are so loved. Nani was the fiercest little dog I ever knew. She could snatch a bird out of the air, and would kill rats and rabbits and birds bigger than she was. She ran the Farm with an iron fist but loved and raised so many babies, most of them larger than her.
In her later years she relaxed a bit more and saw most of her companions leave before her, I am sure they are having a party together right now. Nani's last canine companion on this planet is lost without her. Gabriel, our old soldier watched over and loved her. Like Nani, Gabriel is a warrior so they were fitting companions.
If Nani were here she would say "It is a good day to die!" Like me Nani was a die hard Trekkie. On my way home, to help Tony send her back to the earth I howled a warning to the dead, that a Klingon Warrior is entering the realm.